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DC Network volunteers are essential to the running of many of our activities and we are hugely grateful to them for the time and effort that they put into their roles. If you're considering volunteering with us, you can find the list of vacancies below, as a series of clips for you to watch about the Welcomer & local group coordinator roles.

If you'd like to find out more then we'd love to hear from you.

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The key criteria is enthusiasm, and a friendly, thoughtful and empathetic approach. We find its helpful for our volunteers to have children older than 3 so that they can offer a wider range of experiences, however this is not fixed.

We currently have vacancies for the following roles:

Volunteer Welcomers

We are looking for members in the following circumstances to join our welcoming team:

  • Heterosexual couples / same-sex couples:
    • who have used egg donation in the UK and abroad
  • Solo mums 
    • who used double/embryo donation
    • who used surrogacy
    • or in 'mixed families' [with naturally or adopted children and donor conceived children] 

Chat facilitators

Chat facilitators are the latest addition to our team of volunteers, as we have expanded our online offer of DCN Chats. Ideally if you are interested in this role, you will have some experience of group facilitation. We are especially interested in hearing from members in the following circumstances:

  • Parents through surrogacy
  • Parents with known donors
  • Parents in mixed families - children conceived with and without third party donation
  • Solo mums with older children (5+)

Local meetup coordinators


East Anglia

West London

Generally anyone across the UK/Ireland interested in arranging in-person events.

Other roles

We are always looking for event volunteers (e.g to work at the Fertility show) and for small group faciliators for our conferences.

If you are interested in any of these roles email volunteers@dcnetwork.org for further information.

You can download our Volunteer handbook here

Who are DCN Volunteers?

What's it like volunteering for DCN?

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Becoming a DCN Welcomer

Becoming a DCN Meetup Coordinator