Is donor conception right for me or us?

There can be a lot to think about when considering using an egg, sperm or embryo donor. We have lots of ways to help you explore any difficult feelings and decisions, to build your confidence in what the next steps should be.

Have a look at the options below as a start.

Destination Parenthood: 1-day workshops

Designed for both those thinking about using donor conception to create their families and also those who have decided for sure to use this route and would like an opportunity to think through the implications before going ahead. Included in the workshop is the chance to chat with a donor-conceived young person about their experiences!

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Connect with others

They say it takes a village to raise children. Well, sometimes it takes a village to help you even contemplate that journey. Everyone needs support and community at different stages of life.

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Books and resources

We have a number of books that can help you.

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