My wish for a baby

There are 16 versions of the story books in this series, and they can be used for children conceived in many different circumstances. We currently have the following versions:

  • Embryo donation 
  • Female partners
  • IVF
  • Hetro sperm donation

The language is simple and the word “cells” is used rather than egg and sperm. The colourful bear characters are intended to be gender and ethnically neutral, and they appeal to young children. The books can be purchased online at, or can be borrowed from the library. The two- parent books cover the following circumstances: IVF, Donor Insemination, IVF with Donor Sperm, Egg Donation, Frozen Embryo Transfer, Embryo Donation, Traditional Surrogate and Gestational Carrier. There are also books for Female Partners using Donor Insemination, and Male Partners using a Surrogate Mother.

Please specify exactly which version of this book you would like to borrow.

Janice Grimes RN