From scarcity to sisterhood: the framing of egg donation on fertility clinic websites in the UK, Belgium and Spain (ednaprojectblog)

‘In the UK, egg donation was articulated as a “scarce gift with enduring responsibility”; in Belgium this was “disconnected tissue exchange”; and in Spain this was expressed as a “mutually beneficial sisterhood”.'

One study recently published by the EDNA team examined how fertility clinics’ recruitment and marketing strategies frame ideas about egg donation. This brief research summary describes the analysis of 62 fertility clinic websites across the UK, Belgium and Spain and how they are currently used to recruit egg donors. Across the clinics, ‘altruism and solidarity’ were the main recruitment messages targeted at potential donors; however, there were interesting differences between countries which the authors say ‘reflect and produce different versions of egg donation’ and ‘shape the way in which the public perceive egg donation’. There are links provided for those who’d like to read the academic paper in full.

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