Is the export of donor sperm explained adequately to recipients? (BioNews)

‘... when donor sperm is purchased in the UK, it is not always made obvious to the patient that some UK donations will be made available for exportation to assist families abroad, beyond the UK ten family limit.’

Dr Grace Halden, senior lecturer at the University of London and herself a solo mum with donor conceived twins, raises attention to the fact that ‘many fertility patients who use donor sperm are unaware that sperm from UK donors they have used could be exported for use abroad, in addition to the ten-family UK limit’. She explains how this happens within the legal UK framework and the unwelcome shock and surprise this can cause when DC parents (inadvertently) discover that their donor’s sperm has since been made available for export - with the possibility of further families as a result. Grace calls for banks and clinics to make sure that the possibility that gametes might be exported abroad is more clearly signposted on their websites and at the point of purchase. Important information for prospective parents so that they can seek clarification from the outset.

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