Publication of Fertility Trends 2019 report (HFEA)

‘ … We’re using our 30th anniversary to start a discussion about the future of fertility treatment and our regulatory powers, to ensure that we continue to be a modern and effective regulator that is prepared for future scientific changes while championing safe and effective patient care at all times.' - Julia Chain, HFEA Chair

The HFEA published its Fertility Trends 2019 report last week and has also created a timeline video in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The  annual report highlights advances and changes in fertility treatment over the past three decades, with figures demonstrating - for example - how fertility treatment has enabled more people to have families later in life, and an increasing number of cycles involving patients in female same-sex relationships or with no partner. The report also highlights challenges for the sector such as ongoing disparities in people’s experiences of fertility services and in NHS funding across the UK. 

You can view the full report here: Fertility Trends 2019