‘Future People’ Review: Connected by Biology, Bonded by Love (nytimes.com)

‘As kids and preteens, they began messaging and video-chatting, comparing physical traits, hobbies and family structures. Many shared full lips. Some played soccer or ran track. Eventually, they began arranging group trips where the children, often alongside their moms, could hang out in person …’

A short review of a US documentary released in 2021 chronicling eight years in the lives of a group of children who form a bond after discovering they were conceived by the same sperm donor. This review is a bit critical of the film’s direction and camerawork in terms of bringing out any real depth of understanding of the children (a Washington Post review around the same time described how it ‘gently grapples’ with questions about the meaning of family, the nature of identity and biology as destiny).

The film is available to stream on Prime Video, Discovery+, Google Play and AppleTV.


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