Presentation to Stakeholders about Need for Family Limits in Donor Conception (

‘Connecting with sibling groups can be a positive experience … But having positive aspects with sibling groups doesn’t mean it is not also challenging. Navigating large same-donor sibling relationships is complex and comes with a mixture of psychological and social challenges.’

In October Jana Rupnow, US fertility counsellor and author of Three Makes Baby*, presented to stakeholders in the field about the psychosocial challenges of large unknown sibling groups formed through donor conception. She’s posted her presentation on her blog for those who think their children might be in a large sibling group developing this way - it explores questions around the challenges such groups can pose alongside some of the positives emerging from them. Jana points out that ‘when donor conceived adults and recipient parents enter into this complex new model of kinship, they lack social scripts for how to interact with each other and have few to no resources to guide them’. Useful reading not only for those who may have already discovered large sibling groups but also parents and DC people beginning to think about connecting with half siblings and wanting to know more about the potential implications down the road.

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