S2 #1: How We Got Here

You Look Like Me

‘ … how do we make a difference in our own families, in the minds of strangers, or in our legal system?'

Continuing the advocacy theme is the first episode in a new season of podcasts from British journalist and DC adult, Louise McLoughlin. ‘You look like me’ is a podcast series ‘making sense of the life and families of donor conceived people’ and a place to share their (mainly late-told adult) stories. In this episode, Louise speaks to ‘activists who changed the game’, looking at both new and traditional routes by which DC adults take their experiences of being donor conceived and use them to influence change. Interviewees include Dr Joanna Rose, who for those conceived in the UK since April 2005 ‘is the one you have to thank for the fact that when you turn 18 you have the right to know who your biological parent is’, and Erin who, during the pandemic, embarked on writing a musical as a way to portray a donor conception story, just as her own story evolved in ways she hadn’t anticipated. A thought-provoking listen with, be warned, some potentially emotive trigger points for some people.

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