Donor conception is different - Part 2 (Fertility Road magazine)

'It’s interesting how quickly you may find yourself in situations where you’ll have to make decisions about how much of your story to share with people. You may be asked questions, often sooner than you think, that require a certain level of honesty about how you conceived. It’s really helpful to be prepared for that, so you don’t get caught off-guard.'

DCN director Nina Barnsley has written a series of  articles entitled ‘Donor Conception is Different’ for Fertility Road magazine, Part 2 of which is in the latest edition. Here she covers the differences that can come up once you’re pregnant or have a young child through donor conception. You can download the magazine for free by clicking the button below and providing your email address for the link.

Part 3 will be published later in the year - we’ll keep you posted!

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