Should egg and sperm donors reveal their identities? The debate pivots on genetics and medical history (

‘There are counter arguments on both sides. But the current situation has led to great uncertainty and, in many cases, grief.'

Landing in our inbox, earlier this month, was a link to this US article delving into the ethical debate there around anonymous vs identifiable donors. The article describes how currently in the US (unlike in the UK) intended parents can choose an anonymous donor, an ID-release donor (meaning their child can receive identifying details about the donor at 18) or - 'if a relationship between the donor and child is a priority' - a known or ‘open’ donor. The article is an exploration of some of the reasons behind, and repercussions of, the decisions made by prospective parents and donors presented with these choices, including personal stories, current obstacles to anonymity and how and why ‘genetics and medical history have become front and centre of the debate’.

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