Heart and Soul - Creating life after death (BBC World Service)

‘Shira was conceived through post-humous reproduction, where a child is created from the frozen sperm or eggs of a person who has died. The practice is banned in some places, tightly restricted in others. But Israel - a country that leads the world in assisted reproduction - is testing the boundaries on allowing this new method of family creation.’

A fascinating BBC podcast focusing on an Israeli solo mum family with a daughter, Shira, conceived through ‘posthumous reproduction’ using the frozen sperm of a 25 year old man who had died from cancer 7 years earlier. This controversial practice is allowing some Israelis to have children after they have died. The different perspectives of those involved in Shira’s conception as well as the wider ethical considerations surrounding posthumous reproduction are explored with sensitivity and understanding.

You can also read a BioNews review of the podcast here.

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