Feedback from DCN’s new ‘Ask a Medical Expert’ webinar - and new dates for 2022

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'Lovely nuggets of relevant info for me, ie to think like a ‘customer’ not patient when choosing a clinic. I’ve moved clinics and before the webinar I felt I’d come to a dead end, but this has empowered me to keep looking at other clinics and options.’

'It was a really, really great webinar and extremely helpful, thank you!’

Last weekend we ran the first of our new ‘Ask a Medical Expert’ webinars, developed specifically for those at the early stages of considering egg and/or sperm donation who have questions about the medical aspects of using donor conception. The webinar was well attended, the feedback afterwards was wonderfully positive and we have already scheduled a series of new dates in 2022.

The webinar is a great opportunity to hear from a UK medical expert working in the field who will provide impartial knowledge and up-to-date information tailored to your concerns. There are short presentations followed by plenty of time for questions, and after the webinar you’ll receive handouts covering the topics raised as well as additional information to help you navigate the medical aspects of your journey.

Numbers are kept small to ensure everyone’s questions can be addressed.

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