Free DCN leaflet on known donation: ‘Closer Connections - When the egg, sperm or embryo donor is someone you know'

‘A known donor may be:

• a family member
• a friend or an acquaintance
• somebody met through an agency, website or social media site specifically set up to help with finding donors willing to be known to recipients

What they all have in common is that from the beginning the recipient knows at least some personal details about their donor, and often a great deal more …’

With people increasingly considering donor conception using a known donor, DCN has produced a brand new, free information resource for those wanting to find out more about the implications of choosing this route and the options available. There are plenty of verbatim accounts of real-life experiences to illustrate how others have arrived at their decision, the challenges and rewards it presents and what, if anything, people choosing this route might have done differently with hindsight, to help you make an informed decision. People who have already created their family this way (or who are or are thinking about becoming a known donor) might also find it helpful and thought-provoking.

A link can also be found on our website page explaining different types of donor.

Closer Connections PDF