It’s Complicated ... (oliviasview)

‘Nothing sums up the dilemmas of donor conception more than this phrase and this beautifully produced publication adds substance and detail to illustrate the range of ways in which donor conceived people are living with the complications of their beginnings.’

Olivia Montuschi, co-founder of DCN and author of our Telling and Talking series, reviews the latest issue of the US-published ‘We Are Donor Conceived’ magazine, which we featured last week. The magazine is intended for donor conceived people, their parents, gamete donors, academics, and ART industry professionals. Olivia describes it as ‘powerful reading’, and feels strongly that people in the UK and around the world hear what it has to say; however, the cover price of $19 and the additional cost of shipping to the UK at $28 for two copies currently make it a pricey purchase (it’s not available online).

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