Back to school! Take a look at our Primary School Resources pack for parents and teachers


‘Can I just say how useful [the Primary School Resources] were. They helped me gather my thoughts before speaking to the teacher and to feel confident in the reasons why I was sharing the info with her… It really took the anxiety out of the situation.’


With most children back to school soon for a new school year, some of you may be thinking about whether there’s a need to have a conversation with the teacher about the way your child was conceived - particularly if topics like family trees or sex education are on the horizon.

Our Primary School Resources pack is a helpful and comprehensive collection of information and classroom resources aimed primarily at DC families with children aged 4 to 11 and their teachers.  It includes guidance on why and how to share information with teachers, including sections on ‘Why Tell?’, ‘Letter to the Teacher’ (tailored to the way your child was conceived), ‘Information for Teachers’, ‘Classroom Resources’ and ‘Questions from Friends’ (written for children).

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