NEW BOOK! This booklet is for parents who told their children about their origins when they were young but are now wondering what the teenage and young adult years may bring in relation to donor conception.

Twenty-one young DC people were interviewed for the booklet and the content reflects their thoughts, feelings, concerns.  There are practical recommendations for parents whilst acknowledging the often mixed feelings that come with these conversations.

The main focus is on ways of continuing the donor discussion with teenagers and beyond. Areas covered are: letting go of the information; adolescent development and DC; how children manage DC info in secondary school; interest (or not) in donors and half-siblings; DNA testing; preparing for opening of the HFEA register in 2023/24, and much more.

Continuing the Conversation, Talking with Young People and Adults 12 yrs and Up, is an invaluable resource for families with donor conceived teenagers and young adults. Applying over 35 years of experience as a parents of DC children plus interviews with 21 donor conceived teenagers, Olivia Montuschi and Jane Ellis provide readers “a look ahead” at this crucial stage of child development. Montuschi and Ellis describe common challenges and mistakes that parents of teens make, while navigating the shifting and sometimes disorienting dynamics in the parent child relationship. In addition to learning how to engage in conversation with their teens during time when teens are naturally pulling away, readers will learn more about unique issues donor conceived adolescents face as they search for genetic kin, take a DNA test for the first time or begin dating. 

"Continuing the Conversation is an answer to the most common question parents ask me, “What will my child feel?” DC teens and adults offer direct advice to parents, on topics such as privacy, supporting their search and having uncomfortable conversations with them. As pioneers and leaders in the DC community, the DC network continues to address real issues, normalizing the challenges teens with disconnected genetic ties may face, so they don’t have to face them alone, but with their parents by their side."

Jana M. Rupnow, LPC
Author, Three Makes Baby - How to Parent Your Donor Conceived Child

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