2019 version

This booklet is for parents of children age 12 - 16 in heterosexual couple, solo mum and same sex families and of all donation types.  It is suitable for families who are just starting to 'tell' between these ages and those who are telling about a second donor for the first time.  Chapters cover Making the Decision to Tell, Preparing to Tell; Some suggestions of how to go about Telling; Your Child's Development and 'Telling'; Language and Teenage Development; Reactions to Being Told; Particular Issues for Same sex and Single Parents and a final section on the power of secrets, questions about half-siblings and searching for genetic connections.  Written in a clear and easy to read style, this booklet, like the others in the series, is full of quotes from experienced parents of donor conceived children.

Parents may also want to read Telling and Talking with Family and Friends to help with openness with relatives and others.

An additional new book for parents of children 12+ who have already begun telling and wish to develop the conversation further in an age appropriate way is due Spring 2020. 


Price: £12.50