About Us

DC Network was started in 1993 by five families with children conceived with the help of sperm donation.  Since those early days we have moved on to welcome many members for whom egg, double or embryo donation has been their means of making or adding to their family.  We have always been inclusive of all families using donor conception and as children grow up within the Network we have begun to develop resources and services for them as well as continuing to support parents.  We welcome families who are exploring whether or not openness with their children and others is right for them as well as those who have already made this decision.

Drawing on our experiences and relevant research, we aim to support and guide would-be and current parents in the issues they face and the feelings they may have about making and raising a family created in this way.

  • How do children feel about being donor conceived?
  • Will I bond with a child that is not genetically connected to me?
  • How can I go about exploring whether 'telling' is right for our family?
  • When should I start telling my child about his or her origins and how do I go about it?
  • Do I need to 'tell' other people outside our family?

What people say about the Network

“I just want to let you know what an enormous comfort I have gained from your site and the personal stories that have made me realise that we are not the only ones facing these challenges”

“We feel so much better informed and supported – no longer the little island we thought we were”

“Ever since I first contacted the Network I have had such unstinting support. I have always known you were there if I needed you.”