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Our clinic supporter scheme

There are many clinics in the UK that offer donor conception to patients, as well as some sperm and egg banks that also offer services. The clinics and banks below have signed up to our Clinic Supporter programme and are listed alphabetically. We make no particular recommendation about them other than to tell you they are long-term supporters of DC Network and recognise the huge importance and value of our Network in providing help and information to donor conception families.

The clinics do the essential work of helping people to get pregnant. We partner with them in the equally essential work of looking after the emotional well-being of those parents and children.

There are a number of reasons for us setting up the scheme and for clinics to be part of it. Using a donor (sperm, egg or embryo) is not the same as simply using IVF. There are important additional things to consider when a child won’t share a parent's genetic make-up. We offer the social and emotional support patients need when making difficult, sometimes complicated, decisions.

More and more people are contacting us for support via our phone and email helplines. Talking things through with people who understand can help the whole family long-term. Parents can get on-going help and guidance. Children can grow up knowing there is a place where they can meet others conceived ‘just like them’, ask questions or explore what donor conception means to them. This is enormously important in building confidence and supporting families through any challenges they may face.

It feels right that as an organisation we build closer relationships with clinics and this supporter scheme is one way to do that. We really appreciate the support and commitment of the clinics and banks listed below.

If you are a clinic offering donor conception, one of the ways you can show your patients how much you are thinking about their long-term welfare as a family, is by joining our scheme.

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Three things to think about when choosing a clinic

  1. As success rates are pretty similar for most UK clinics (see website of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority HFEA for full details of all UK clinics) choose one that does a lot of the particular treatment that you need.  Their skills will be finely honed from constant practice
  2. Choose a clinic you feel comfortable with. Phone them up and see how friendly they are. This can tell you a lot about how you might expect to be treated as a person/couple
  3. Ideally choose a clinic that is easy for you to get to. You are likely to be going there a lot