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For people using surrogacy

People using surrogacy

Having a clear understanding of the law, emotional and social aspects of creating your family with the help of a surrogate is essential. The legal aspects of surrogacy in the UK will differ from countries abroad and the decisions you make will have long lasting consequences. So its important to be sure of all the details before moving ahead.

Things to consider

  • Who will be your surrogate?
  • Will you be asking someone from your social circle or recruiting a surrogate through an agency? or another route? 
  • Will you choose surrogacy without donation (the embryo will be created either through home insemination or IVF with the surrogate's eggs) or with donation (the surrogate will carry the embryo created with donated eggs or sperm) - straight/traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy, respectively
  • What relationship would you like to have with your surrogate, in the short, medium and long term?
  • What relationship would you like your child have with your surrogate, in the short, medium and long term? 
  • What contingencies can you put in place in case you can't have the relationship that you would like?
  • What do you need to consider if you are hoping to have more than one child?
  • What legal aspects do you need to consider in terms of the surrogacy and transfer of parental rights?
  • What other agreements do you need to have in place, such as contact with the surrogate (frequency/quality/duration), or other family members, during the pregnancy and afterwards?
  • What story will you be sharing with your child about the surrogate?
  • How are my and my child's rights protected and affected if I travel abroad for surrogacy treatment?

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One of our lawyer supporters, A City Law Firm, has written an article about the the things you will want to consider in terms of legalities around the use of a surrogate, in the UK and abroad.

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Links to surrogacy organisations

Surrogacy in the UK is legal, however, advertising for and recruiting surrogates for profit, is prohibited. It is also not possible to secure a surrogate through the NHS. The only exception is for non-profit agencies. 

In the UK there are a number of such agencies in operation, each might offer something different, so its worth doing your research and comparing their services.

COTS Surrogacy UK

My Surrogacy Journey

Brilliant Beginnings

Surrogacy UK

Growing Families

There are also independent surrogates who do not work through agencies, who can be found through social media and internet searches.

Read more about surrogacy in the NGA Knowledge Centre here.


Becoming a dad through surrogacy in a heterosexual couple

The infographic is based on the interview study conducted with ten men who were becoming or already have become dads through surrogacy. It focuses on their experiences of bonding with the child (in utero), being involved in the pregnancy, the relationship with the surrogate, managing feelings of being side-lined and the advice they would like to give other men intending to become fathers via this route.

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