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International friends

A list of our friends from around the world

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Lawyer supporters

If your patients or clients are considering using a surrogate or looking for legal advice or help, our lawyer supporters specialise and have a wealth of experience in donor conception and surrogacy related issues.

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Clinic supporters

We have a clinic supporter scheme and the clinics listed here have shown their commitment to donor conception families by  being part of this scheme. We recognise the important work they do helping people get pregnant and they recognise the important work we do in supporting the social and emotional well-being of those families for the long term. 

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Useful links

These organisations, blogs and websites below may have useful information and thoughtful commentary for those considering donor conception, families with children and donor conceived people.


Organisation / Blog

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

The UK regulator for the fertility sector.

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The SEED (Sperm, Egg and Embryo Donation) Trust (previously NGDT)

Support and information for donors.

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British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA)

List of UK fertility counsellors.

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Donor Conceived Register (DCR)

Information and support group, as well as a register and matching service, for donors and donor conceived people conceived in UK clinics before 1991, which is when the HFEA was set up to record treatment details.

As of 2020 there are two sites for slightly different organisations offering support and information.

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The Donor Sibling Registry (DSR)

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Fertility Friends

Online fertility forum

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The Ribbon Box

The Ribbon Box is a free, supportive community with resources for those interested in preconception, pregnancy and parenting.

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British Fertility Society

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BFS public resources


Olivia's View

A personal blog by Olivia Montuschi giving a view on donor conception issues and life in general.

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Fertility Matters

Blog by Kate Brian, UK journalist, author and mother of two children conceived by IVF: well-written and well-informed comment on topical assisted conception matters.

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Progress Educational Trust (PET)

PET publish Bionews and run events relating to fertility and embryology.

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Fertility Network UK

Charity focussing on general fertility and infertility issues. Offers support, information and campaigns for fairness in funding and improved patient care.

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Daisy Network

Support for women affected by POI (premature ovarian insufficiency)

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One at a Time

Research and information on best practice for clinics and patients to opt to transfer one embryo at a time unless specific circumstances suggest more than one would be medically more appropriate.

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Department of Health and Social Care (UK)

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My Journey

Resource for people coming to terms with unsuccessful fertility treatment 

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Counselling Directory

General counselling directory.

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Creating a Family

US fertility website with useful resources for donor conception families.

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Emily's solo despatches

MailChimp newsletter for single women.

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The LGBT Mummies Tribe

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European Fertility Society

The European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that gives tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics.

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