Who does DC Network support?

Everyone’s donor conception journey is different, but we all share something in common

We support donor conception families and people considering donor conception as a way to create or expand their family. Whether you are considering or have used sperm, egg, double or embryo donation, or used surrogacy and donation, we are here to offer support, resources and community.  We welcome people in all family circumstances (single, couple, same-sex, heterosexual) in all walks of life, cultural, social and familial.

We have over 2000 families composed of around 1200 heterosexual couples, some thinking about using donor conception and many with children. We have around 700 single women who plan to have or already have children on their own through donor conception. We have a smaller group of about 150 same-sex female couples and we are also seeing a growing cohort of same-sex male couples joining us, as well as single men.

We know that extended families and friends may be curious or have mixed feelings about their relatives using donor conception so we welcome the participation of mums, dads, brothers and sisters and close friends. Families using a known donor, whether a relative, acquaintance or someone they met for the purpose of donation, are all welcome.

Professionals in fertility medicine, counselling, psychotherapy, law, social work, teaching and other areas where they may have contact with those needing donor conception or with donor conceived people, are welcome as members and browsers of our services and resources.  We hope you find them valuable and that you will have the confidence to refer families to us.

Wherever we have come from and whatever our background as parents or potential parents, our focus is on trying to ensure that the environment in which our children grow up as donor conceived individuals is the best it can be. 

DC Network will soon (2023) be celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Our early members' children have grown up during this time and are now adults with their own perspectives on their status as donor conceived people.  We welcome their involvement in all aspects of our work and also that of donor conceived adults whose parents have not been members.